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Behind the Catalyst

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& Exploration

Get an accurate snapshot.
What should we focus on? Data, Personnel, Market Factors, etc. What Gaps or Black Holes currently exist? What are all the moving pieces? What are they doing?

MOre about the catalyst

My primary goal as a consultant and advisor is to guide our clients to an elite state of distinction within their industry. Based on who they are, whom they serve, what special talents they possess, and the future goals they desire.

With that in mind, one of the best questions you can ask yourself as an entrepreneur and business owner is - "Who's business is this?"

The question is critical to achieving that state of "ownership", and one that I believe crystallized my platform and presence in the world of branding, marketing, and advertising.
In the fledgling years of Stratgix Consulting, I failed to ask myself that question; and the business struggled in it's positioning, messaging, and community engagement.

One day I stepped back and truly considered.

In what role am I most impactful?
(Designer or Strategist?....Definitely strategy!)
What drove my process for design...
How I viewed the effect of brand...
The power of conversation in marketing...
And what made advertising effective;
I gained the definitive concepts and constructs that we use to develop powerfully distinct brands that draw customers to them vs hoping and wishing to gain awareness, understanding and investment.

Once I matched those principles with my particular visionary brilliance influenced by: creativity, various cultures, interests, research, perspective, education, personality, and mentors; along with my experiences in leadership, public relations, performance arts, event coordination, hospitality, and retail.
Stratgix Consulting as a brand and business accelerated.
More often than not, our next client will say "I love what you represent and how you think, I want to work specifically with you" or even better "I was told I have to work with you"

You are a visionary and brilliant in your own unique way - LET IT SHINE THROUGH. No one else is capable of authentically being you or presenting your concepts/services/products to your core community.
Stratgix Consulting is here to shine a guiding light on your path to distinction.

Working with me

Puzzles are one of my favorite things and that lends itself to how I work with my clients. I often say "Throw all the pieces on the table and we'll find the way they connect".

With a sincere curiosity I explore you, your opportunities and the resources available in order to find the best combination of strategy, tactics and action.

I truly believe that every business is unique and solutions must be customized to their personnel, market, and future goals.

Want to learn more? Let's have a conversation!

Ready to take on the biggest challenges of your business? Schedule your Strategy Session today!

90-minute Strategy Consultation Focused On

Getting Clear, Focused, and in Action.

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