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Speaking topics

& Trainings

Educative, Entertaining, and Passionate

Whether it is a short presentation, team workshop/training, or a main stage keynote. Shea brings a distinct perspective and refreshing context to business concepts. No stranger to the stage Shea delivers transformation and the spark for new action. Audiences are drawn to re-imagine how they do business by his mix of interactive engagement and energetic presentation.

KEY DIscussion Topics

Business management
& Operations

Focus On Your Business

Fix Your Staffing

The Silent Killers

Branding Beyond Your Logo

The Intersection of (BMA) Branding, Marketing, and Advertising

The Power of the Core Community & Brand Allies

Awareness to Loyalty, Investment, & Trust

Only 1 YOU in Business

How Are You Brilliant?

Different vs Distinct

The Momentum Pursuit

Let's explore how to best invigorate your audience.

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WOrkshops & Trainings

Business management
& Operations

Listen Inside Out, Look Outside In

Revenue, Relationships, Results

Blind Success, Tunnel Vision, & Red Strategy

The Golden Intersection

Branding Beyond Your Logo

Traffic, Transactions, or Tribe

People & Profit

Pillars of BMA

Rebranding & Pivoting

Only 1 YOU in Business

Stop Aiming at your feet

Give Yourself Time

Who Are You in Your Business?

Let's explore hope we can take your people to the next level.