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Know your value(s)...

What's valuable to others....and how do you target those values.

I couldn't help but relate this great visual of product/service values to the world of BMA...

...Yes, I just turned Branding, Marketing, and Advertising into an acronym.......moving along!

  1. How does "BMA" relate to the segments of the value pyramid? (See! Acronyms are useful.)

  2. The Corporate cousin of the Value Pyramid

  3. Using the Value Pyramids in your BMA approach.

1. How does "BMA" relate to the segments of the value pyramid?

The difference between random data and useful information is framing and context.

Our Framework: Brand development, Marketing techniques, and Advertising language.

Our Context: What elements of the value pyramid match with the BMA Hierarchy Pyramid.

Let's start with a closer look at the "Functional" level values.

These values are heavily tied to the completion of tasks, how a product/service improves a client's work or operations.

Now relate those values to advertising language in most commercials; i.e. Car Dealership,the SlapChop, ShamWOW, QVC, HSN.

"...Rated 4.5 stars in safety.." - Quality " makes XYZ so easy!" - Reduces Effort

"...You can get it in Ruby Red, Charcoal Black, and this amazing Sky Blue" - Variety

"....No need for ten XYZ's, you only need one XYZ" - Simplifies

Next we glance at the "Emotional" level values.

Here they are connected with the result of using a product/service.

The best marketing techniques create emotional experiences that allow potential clients to feel the results of using a product/service. i.e. Politics, Theme Parks, Membership Club.

"...Live a life of XYZ health benefit.." - Wellness "...Escape into the wonderful world of XYZ..." - Fun/Entertainment

"...Join today and receive XYZ...." - Rewards Me/Provides Access

"....Just like your grandma used to make..." - Nostalgia

And at the top of the pyramid, the "Life Changing" & "Social Impact" levels.

The aspirational reasons for using a product/service.

Great brand development incorporates 3 or more of these values; and at it's best it goes beyond the actual product/service a company provides and presents a client with the means of expressing themselves and impacting their environment and community in the form of self-transcendence. Take a look at some of the world's favorite brands. i.e. Nike, Apple. TOM's, St. Jude's Hospital, Religions.

"...Just Do It..." - Motivation The Apple Aesthetic - Affiliation/Belonging

"... With every TOMS purchase, you stand with us on issues that matter..." - Self Transcendence

"....Insert St.Jude's messaging here..." - Provides Hope

2. The Corporate cousin of the Value Pyramid.

As a business you are either customer facing (B2C) or business facing (B2B). Here's a look at the B2B side of the value pyramid. Of course we have to add a little spin on it. Here we will match work groups to the items that matter most to them.

Our Framework: What matters to a corporation?

Our Context: Connecting product/service values to those of prospective decision makers.

Corporations are people too!.... at least they are made up of people.

Corporations are people too. (Well, atleast they are made up of people.)

Pretty straight forward right? Let's zoom in a bit.

Base Needs - Economic & Performance values aka...the bottom line! *que Stone Cold Steve Austin music* Irregardless of what level of decision maker you engage with, your product/service must meet the Functional Values of the corporation. With those out of the way, we can start to climb the ladder.

In order to capture and keep the attention of those in middle management, you have to address their primary concerns with your Advertising. Execution of Operational, Strategic, and Production goals while maintaining the status quo in the areas of Access and Relationship. The easier you make their life, the more likely they are to help you get your product in front of the Executive Suite and potentially the CEO.

Speaking of the Executive Suite...

This, is where you can really move the needle in your Branding & Marketing methodology and your sales process. Often, the person you are communicating with at this level are greatly motivated and seeking to improve not only their Careers, but their Personal Status as well. With emotional marketing and aspirational branding you can transform your product/service from a basic tool into a can't miss opportunity.

So what do you do to capture the CEO?

You Inspire them. Meet them at the company mission and show them how your product/service fits into their vision and illuminates their next potential steps. A CEO's primary purpose is to provide guidance and look beyond the horizon.

3. Using the Value Pyramid in your product/service messaging.

This brings us back around to great storytelling. Here is my suggestion on how to integrate the values into your BMA messaging

  • Look at your current products/services and connect them to specific values according to the BMA Hierarchy.

  • Try to combine at least 3 values into each product/service that you develop

  • When describing your products/services, tell a story that illustrates the customer experiencing said values.

  • Put yourself in the consumers shoes.


Thanks for reading!

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