A Little Perspective & Context Goes A Long Way.

...and that's what I provide. Insight, guidance, and resources for post-corporate/agency professionals turned business owner  who find themselves blinded by the "Fog-of-Business".

No-Cost 20-min conversation  to pinpoint areas of concern and early steps of getting Clear, Focused, and in Action.


There is something you want to do, but you find yourself hesitating, procrastinating, distracted... inevitably frustrated with the lack of forward progress.

Not because you don't have the drive or capability... but because of the uncertainty and unknown.

That... That's the "Fog-of-Business"

And the best way to deal with it... is with perspective and context. Sometimes those have to come from someone -outside- of your head and your situation.

Someone who's able to give you space and freedom to express your plans, has the capability to help you see what's really happening, and the insight to navigate you through the next stage of your success journey.

You have a goal you want to accomplish... in business and for your life. Let's talk about it.

Surge into 2021:
Get Clear, Get Focused,
Get in Action! With 3 coaching sessions $249

I will send you a scheduling link and next steps after you've paid.

Looking forward to it!